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With our expertise in commercial buildings such as hotels, offices and shopping centres, we offer a wide range of effective solutions in the fields of energy management systems, green buildings, renewable energy and power distribution. We help you to improve performance levels, enrich service quality and raise safety standards, and we help you to offer your customers the comfort of sustainable, efficient energy.

We know the importance of energy continuity in hospitals, which is why we offer a multitude of efficient solutions in the fields of energy management and distribution systems. We help you to improve the quality of service, standards of safety and also working conditions through sustainable energy and energy efficiency.

A constant supply of high-quality energy is the first priority, to ensure the continuity of production in industrial facilities and to minimise product losses. That's why we develop and offer these solutions with the highest levels of safety and efficiency for the distribution and energy quality systems in your companies. We aim to minimise the costs of your products through our energy management solutions. To ensure the continuity of your activities, we design and manufacture products that conform to IEC 61439-1/2 6300 A Form 4B 100 kA standards.

Offering solutions to ensure energy continuity and minimise the unit cost of the product in the sector where energy costs and energy security are most important, such as cement production plants, metal production plants and mining plants. We offer process control solutions for energy distribution and motor control that enable more regular and safer operation with less consumption, while ensuring process continuity with our field services solutions.

We propose alternative solutions for renewable energy (wind power stations, solar power stations, hydroelectric power stations, etc.) that will replace fossil fuel sources, which are gradually decreasing. We put our expertise to work for our customers to ensure the uninterrupted connection to the grid of the energy produced by our power aggregation, power distribution and motor control panel (MCC) solutions.
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